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Decking Screws

Decking Screws - Green

  • Coated high grade steel for extended life.
  • Sharp point, sharp thread and reduced shank allow easy driving without splitting wood.
  • For timber decking and other external timber applications.
  • Bugle head.


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Product Details Unit Price
(ex vat)
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-4550    Colour: Green
4.5 x 50mm 200 £3.29
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-4555    Colour: Green
4.5 x 55mm 200 £5.49
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-4560    Colour: Green
4.5 x 60mm 200 £3.99
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-4570    Colour: Green
4.5 x 70mm 200 £4.69
Decking Screws
Code: DECK-4560-1K    Colour: Green
4.5 x 60mm Large Box 1000 £16.90
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-4580    Colour: Green
4.5 x 80mm 200 £5.59
Decking Screws
Code: DECK-4560-15K    Colour: Green
4.5 x 60mm Tub 1500 £24.92
Decking Screws - Green
Code: DECK-45100    Colour: Green
4.5 x 100mm 100 £4.39
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