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Food Safe & Clean Room Sealants

Everbuild 565 Clean Room Silicone (Food Mate)

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Details: 310ml - White

Code: EB565


PLEASE NOTE - EVERFLEX 565 is Everbuild's new improved replacement product & name for 'FOODMATE'. (If you are buying Foodmate still, chances are its very old stock so please beware)
EVERFLEX 565 CLEAN ROOM SILICONE is a high modulus, FDA approved, neutral cure, alcoxy, odourless silicone sealant that adheres to a wide range of both porous and non porous surfaces without the need for priming. Conforms to the requirement of ISO11600 F25HM.

Specification Compliances: 



  • FDA approved 
Mould resistant (steritouch)
  • Excellent tooling and slow skinning properties for large applications.
  • Excellent adhesion - adheres to most common surfaces including glass, metals, plastics and wood (painted or unpainted), upvc and polycarbonate.
  • Excellent external weathering properties (over many years exposure). 
High viscosity non slump formula.

Recommended For:



  • Food preparation areas and refrigeration
  • Medical and sterile areas
  • Hospital, pharmaceutical and laboratory clean room environments
Perimeter pointing internally and externally around pvcu /wood and powder coated Aluminium.
  • Sealing and as an adhesive onto pvcu, plastic trims and components. 
Sealing soft metals such as lead, copper and zinc.
  • Weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels and curtain walling, glazing sealing and draught proofing.
  • Glass to glass and glass to aluminium sealing.
  • Parapet and roof weather sealing applications. 
Suitable as an expansion joint sealant. 
Bedding and sealing of insulated glass units.


565 Clean Room Silicone offers outstanding adhesion to most substrates
including plastics, ceramics and metal. Virtually odourless in
application with a slow skinning time making it ideal for long joint
runs in larger applications.

Tested and approved to FDA, US Food
and Drug Administration regulation No 21CFR177.2600 by IANESCO (France)
and meets ISO 11600 F&G 25HM. Remains permanently flexible with a
movement capability of +/- 25%.

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