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Diamond Core Sets

Marcrist DDM1 Diamond Drill c/w PC850 3pc Diamond Core Kit - 240v

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Details: 240v

Code: DDM1-KIT-240V

The DDM1 has been specially developed for the trade professional. The machine is also supplied with a direct drive adapter for dry diamond cores, should the tradesman wish to use the machine as a full time dedicated diamond drilling machine.

A percussion action makes the multifunctional DDM1 machine perfect for drilling smaller diameter holes with masonry bits, and provides impressive performance when used with Marcrist’s diamond percussion cores.

The powerful 1200W motor with soft start and constant power control provides plenty of progressive power for effortless diamond drilling, whilst the durable 2-speed metal gearbox with pressure trigger provides continuously variable speed(0-1500 RPM and 1500 - 3000 RPM), allowing the user to select the optimum speed for the smallest and largest diamond cores.


  • 2 Speed Gear Box
  • Mechanical clutch & electronic override protection
  • Percussion action
  • Anti-vibration side handle
  • Soft-start
  • Variable speed pressure trigger
  • Powerful 1200w motor
  • Vibration dampening handle with extension bar for compatible drilling
  • High quality precision 3 jaw Jacobs chuck


  • 1/2" x 20 UNF to 1/2" BSP (M) adaptor to fit 1/2" BSP (F) cores directly to machine
  • Carry Case


  • Voltage: 240v
  • Blows-per-minute High: 0-48,000 - Low:0-24,000
  • Concrete: Ø10 - 132mm
  • Masonry: Ø10 - 152mm
  • Power: 1200 watt
  • 2 Speed Gearbox: 0 - 1500 / 0 - 3000 rpm
  • Percussion: Selectable
  • Mechanical Safety: Safety clutch
  • Electronic Safety: Electronic over-ride protection
  • Vibration: Anti Vibration AVG

The PC850 is the first dry diamond core range that can be used on percussion drills, and is perfect partner for the Marcrist DDM1 Diamond Core Drill. These Cores provides uninterrupted percussion action through both pilot hole and diamond drilling phases:

  • Faster drilling - no need to remember to switch percussion off.
  • Foolproof – no more bent segments
  • Works on most percussion machines. (Not designed to be used on SDS Hammer Action)
  • Fast drilling through all masonry - incredible drilling speed through engineering brick.
  • Minimal breakout at the rear side of the material – unlike tungsten cores.
  • Can be used on either percussion or rotary only action
  • Individual sizes range from 38mm – 152mm
  • No segment loss GUARANTEE
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied

Marcrist PC850 Percussion Diamond 3 Core Toolbox Kit  (245.512.0001)

  • 38mm, 52mm, 117mm Diamond Percussion Cores
  • 3 Jaw Chuck Adaptor
  • 250mm Extension Bar
  • 200mm x 8mm Pilot Drill
  • Drift key
  • Metal Carry Case


  • PC850 percussion cores are an innovative new dry diamond core that makes drilling large diameter holes in all types of masonry quicker and easier. An essential addition for electricians and plumbers or anyone involved in the installation of piping and ventilation systems.
  • Until now, dry diamond core drilling has only been possible with drilling machines operating on rotary. Marcrist PC850 Dry Diamond percussion core users are able to maintain an uninterrupted percussion action through both pilot hole and diamond drill phases, resulting in faster, easier drilling of large diameter holes in all types of masonry materials.
  • PC850 Dry Diamond percussion cores will work on most manufacturers’ percussion drilling machines, and have been launched in conjunction with the new Marcrist DDM1 compact lightweight diamond drilling machine.
  • The new diamond segment has a turbo formation for increased drilling speed which, when combined with the percussion action, provides unbeatable speeds through masonry materials.
  • PC850 Dry Diamond percussion cores not only provide exceptional diamond drilling speed but also life. In tests, the new diamond percussion core has achieved up to 300 holes on general building materials.
  • PC850 cores also minimises the amount of break-through at the rear side of the material. This is because it is the diamond segments rather than the impacting action that are doing most of the work, resulting in a cleaner, neater exit.

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