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Soft Block Anchors

LB70 Hi-Load Soft Block Anchors

  • Hi-Load Specialist Plugs.
  • For fixing into Celcon, Thermolite & all soft block material.
  • Also known in the trade as: LB Anchors, Light Block Anchors & Hi-Load Anchors

Modern lightweight blocks, or Aircrete type blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete), are very common and are marketed under many brand names. They offer the construction industry many advantages; they are light, very large in comparison with house bricks and easy to handle.
But obtaining a good fixing in such a light and "crumbly" material is an inherent problem. The soft block anchor overcomes this fixing problem without the need for specialist tools and gives as good an anchorage as these materials will allow.

MADE IN THE UK: Material: These soft block anchors are made from high density, heat stabilised polypropylene, which will remain stable within working temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius to +110 degrees Celsius.

This material is very versatile and linked with the design of the anchor, means that the soft block anchor can be used to achieve high loads in soft blocks, old brick work and brittle concrete, where the effect of a normal fixing plug or metal expansion anchor would weaken the front face of the substrate.

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Product Details Unit Price
(ex vat)
LB70 Hi-Load Soft Block Anchors
Code: LB70    Colour: Grey
70mm 100 £8.90
Hi-Load LB Soft Block Anchors
Code: LB55    Colour: Grey
55mm 100 £4.90
LB70 Hi-Load Soft Block Anchors
Code: LB701K    Colour: Grey
70mm Box 1000 £79.90
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