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Talon Pipe Clips

Talon Style Clip-Link Hinged Pipe Clips - Black

£4.37 (ex vat) / Bag 100
£5.24 (inc vat)

Details: 15mm - Single

Code: P627

  • The Talon Hinged Clip offers a strong and secure fixing for pipework.
  • They are manufactured in the UK this high quality polypropylene clip offers the user a secure fixing.
  • Allowing 360 degree pipe support it has a self locking top, the integral hinge moulded into the clip can be flexed more than one million times without breaking due to the long chain molecular structure of the material.
  • All sizes of Talon clip can be connected together via the dovetail to allow for equal pipe spacing.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and choice of colours.

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