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FISCHER FIRESTOP FOAM - Top Spec B1 Premium 4hr Rated

Fischer B1 Fire Stop Gun Foam - 750ml
A single component filler foam with effective fire resistance
Fischer Firestop foam is a single component, self expanding polyurethane foam which has been designed to be self curing via the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. 
The foam has excellent adhesion properties and can adhere to most building materials, when the foam sets it cures to a semi-rigid structure which accommodates low movement and vibration.
▪ Tested to the DIN 4102, BS 476 and EN1366-4 the firestop foam also exhibits excellent thermal properties and helps to maintain the sound reduction index of a structure. ▪ Services penetrations should be adequately protected with suitable firestop material such as
FiAM Intumescent Acoustic Mastic, UFS universal Firestopping sealant, FiGM Intumescent Graphite Mastic, FFC Collar or FiPW Pipe Wraps, and should be installed in accordance with detailed instruction or approved system.
▪ Construction joints in walls and floors
▪ Insulating and sealing doors and windows - non-fire rated application
▪ Backfilling material only for service penetrations
▪ Filling general voids and cavities - non-fire rated application

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FISCHER FIRESTOP FOAM - Top Spec B1 Premium 4hr Rated
Code: 43712    Colour: GUN GRADE
Gun 750ml Each £5.79
FISCHER FIRESTOP FOAM - Top Spec B1 Premium 4hr Rated
Code: 43712-box12    Colour: GUN GRADE
Gun 750ml Box 12 - 5.60 each £67.20
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