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CDX Diamond Cores - Grooved

Force-X CDX Diamond Cores

The all new FORCE X PREMIUM CDX DRY DIAMOND CORE DRILL - Professional high performance Dry Diamond Core Drills for drilling quick, clean holes through brick, block or masonry walls without breakout

  • Precision engineered steel body reduces friction and vibration during drilling
  • 100% concentric body ensure easy and instant 'slug' removal
  • Unique 'arc' shaped body rim (between each segment) assists with waste removal
  • Generous 2.0mm body wall thickness prevents body distortion under load
  • Reinforced lip (2.5mm wide x 2.0mm deep) on Core Drill body provides a greater segment to body adhesion area
  • Diagonal body slots aid dust removal
  • Body slots extend back through the back-plate to eject the dust and waste backwards behind the Core Drill
  • A heavy duty steel back-plate provides Core rigidity
  • Flat-topped 4mm wide segments provide greater surface cutting contact
  • 10mm Turbo style segments offer high speed drilling performance
  • A high diamond concentration ensure peak drilling performance in a variety of building materials

For drilling Medium hard brick, Block, Light concrete, Stone - 160mm Length

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Product Details Unit Price
(ex vat)
Force-X CDX Diamond Cores
Code: EDC028    
38mm 1 £19.24
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX052    
52mm 1 £29.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX065    
65mm 1 £35.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX078    
78mm 1 £39.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX107    
107mm 1 £39.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX117    
117mm 1 £45.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX127    
127mm 1 £49.00
Cdx Premium Diamond Cores
Code: CDX152    
152mm 1 £55.00
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