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Wera Screwdriver Bit Sets

Wera 7 Piece Bi-Torsion Diamond Pozi Gold Bit Set

£18.90 (ex vat) / 7pc Set
£22.68 (inc vat)

Details: Bits & Holder

Code: WER056371

The Wera WER056371 7pc set contains BiTorsion Diamond coated bits (BDC) which significantly extends service life & prevents cam-out due to:-

  • Microscopic diamond particles literally 'bite' into screwheads, preventing slips.
  • The two unique Torsion zones, one in the bit and one in the holder, work together to absorb peak loads placed on the bit, extending bit service life.
  • Diamond bits are also hardened to a higher degree than standard bits, extending life further.
  • Unique Rapidaptor bit holder locking system, for quick and easy one-hand bit change.
  • Standard 1/4in hexagon drive.

With BiTorsion Rapidaptor holder for ultimate service life
1/4IN Hexagon drive, 25 mm bits

Pozi set contains: 2x PZ1, 3x PZ2, 1x PZ3

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