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Expanding Foam

Everbuild CONSTRUCTA PRO Adhesive Foam - Gun Grade - Plasterboard & More

£5.50 (ex vat) / Each
£6.60 (inc vat)

Details: 750ml

Code: CONPRO07

  • Constructa-Pro is a high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of building applications.
  • Constructa-Pro adheres well to most common building materials including stone, concrete blocks, brick, wood, plasterboard, insulation board, metal and much more!
  • Once cured, it’s also rot-proof, and moisture and temperature resistant from -40°C to +80°C.
  • Constructa-Pro is suitable to use for a wide range of applications, e.g. as an adhesive for fixing plasterboard and insulation board, fixing skirting boards or a mortar substitute for building rough garden walls, planters etc, making this a truly multi purpose adhesive foam for the trade.

- Saving of up to 30% in working time
- Very good initial bond, even at low temperatures
- Economic in use due to precise application – sufficient for 12m² of insulation panels (3 beads per m²)
- Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
- Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5°C (temperature of aerosol can needs to be at least +5°C)
- Excellent insulation characteristics, enhances performance of insulation panels when filling gaps (ca 0,036 W/(m·K)
- Remains flexible, does not become brittle
- Suitable for uneven surfaces as it fills cavities
- Limited post expansion, resulting in fast and precise installation of insulation panels
- Very wide adhesion spectrum: various types of boards such as plasterboard and dry lining, roofing, concrete, stone, brick, timber, various insulation panels and decorative elements based on PU, Polystyrene, Phenol resin foam,
- Compared to usual types of PU Roof adhesives and Dry lining or plasterboard adhesives, huge savings in space and weight
- Fast curing: 1 hour after application work can continue on flat roofs or boards can be plastered
- Free of CFC’s and HCFC’s. Propellant gas does not damage ozone layer.
- Free of solvents
- Compatible with most types of paints, many solvents and chemical substrates
- Does not age or rot, but should not be exposed to UV radiation (cover with paint or plaster if necessary)
- Bonding of various types of insulation panels onto roofs, walls and façades
- Bonding of decorative elements in façade applications.
- Filling of cavities between insulation panels.

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